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App Overview

If you like to play card game UNO — UNOWin app for you.

If you want to calculate winner’s for the round points - it’s not a problem...
UNOWin app will do it!

UNOWin was made for quick and easy points calculation in the card game UNO. To calculate will be easy and fast.

Using this app You can forget about counting errors, save your time and the calculation process will be very comfortable. You only need to select the winner of the round and simply enter the list of cards with the visually displayed cards, and UNOWin will complete the calculation.

Also, thanks to the fact that all data is saving in the app. You mustn’t keep tracking of the winners of the round and winners of the game. Or, if you forgot some rules - You can see it. This all information always will be available in our phone.

Do not waste time!.. Add friends to the game and start!

Enjoy playing UNO with your friends!


  • UNO Cards Counter Assistant

    Assistant will help you to calculate your points, you should only tap cards and it will calculate points.

  • User-Friendly App Interface

    We can suggest you modern and comfortable interface.

  • Suspend or Delete UNO Games

    You can suspend your game and continue it later or delete it.

  • Statistic About Games and Players

    Detail information about games and players.

  • App is Based on Official Game Rules

    App is using with Official UNO Rules.

UNOWin Screenshots


Download UNOWin app, launch it and simplify score your UNO game!